Tuesday 1st September



Released from lock-down, a night in a cold narrow bed at
the back of a bunker of windowless corridors & air conditioned
neon. Fresh the streets from The Palace of ‘Shut the World Out’.
Out on parol, no evidence for incarceration. On the loose,
driving back roads again. Radio up load, airwave surfing,
Reggae on my mind, New York in my veins.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday 1st September

  1. I don´t know if it´s the guitar in the Mother Of A Dog or what else made that impact on me, but just the thought that something would happen to you makes me shiver ❤
    Preparing for the Caribbeans in search for some warmth and light as the dark gets darker.
    I have been in the US several times but strangely never in New York. At least I have more to discover, like a virgin. Today I found the Promise Land – Underworld 🙂

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