Wednesday 2nd September



Everybody keeps telling me it’s cold, but I’m warm, hot.
Boiling from the inside out, open all the windows!
I’ve been running standing still. Tried problem solving
other people’s problems (got to laugh) – didn’t work.
Tried scattering cushions for when they fall – couldn’t
keep up. Tried ‘understanding’ – that works, then it’s
not enough. Tried researching the cause & the solution –
that keeps me off the streets. Tried making suggestions –
that goes down like a brick. Tried ‘love’ & that’s
about the best. Add to that ‘keeping the mouth shut when
I’m tired & feeling hard done by’ & we’re heading in the
right direction. Strap on ‘Patience’, ‘Tolerance’
& ‘Empathy & you’ve got a winner. Dancing between all these,
ignoring a head that whispers, “what about me?”
I’m burning up. I got a radiator inside, fuelled on
keeping quiet. A thermostat that never kicks in, temperature
rising. Open all the windows, set me out in the rain.
Dress me in t-shirt & skiddies. I’m firing on all cylinders
& some I never knew I had. Mining reserves of energy beyond
my allotted stash. I dare not slow down or I’ll burn & crash.
When the time comes, give me 24 hours & plenty of road.
I’ll need parachute breaks to slow this head. A bottomless
kettle & a fat mug of tea. Don’t call me when I’m out on the
road. I’ll be too far gone to reach out & help –
addicted to the kick-drum.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday 2nd September

  1. Difficult one indeed…tis a new day,big deep breath ,ask for strength and try to be the stillness in the eye of the storm…

  2. Don’t forget to breathe and sit quietly with yourself, we can only do what we can, our program teaches us that. “What about me?” you already know the answers, onwards and upwards is all you can do. Once you’ve stood in front of your P.A how could you not have the kick drum addiction as the sub distorts your body in the most fabulous way. My doors and windows are always open running a few degrees hotter has become second nature to me, internal energy that needs to be burnt. I hope today improves for you.

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