Monday 7th September



Feel like being roped to the front of a boat in a storm,
you know you’re not going to drown but you wish they’d
turn off the wind machine. The great thing about storms
is you find ports in the most unlikely of places. Take
‘work’ for instance. Now I know a lot’ve people who moan
about work &, I’ll be honest,I’m one’ve them. It’s cool
though how things like work can become like a ‘day off’.
Yeah, even taking the bins out is quickly turning into
feet up in the sun. So if you see me with a wide-eyed
expression, If I look like I’m standing in a wind tunnel,
fear not. Shit happens for a reason & I’m just interested
in solutions. Keep giving me the work & deadlines to meet.
Drive the car, do the job, make the call. Put your hand
down the drain & clear the blockage. And ‘always’ remember
to wash your hands thoroughly before you pick your nose.


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