Tuesday 8th September



I did, honest, gave it a bash & more. Five mugs of tea,
two buttered scones, an entire book of words & I still
couldn’t set the world on fire. Could’ve been genius,
but I just couldn’t hear it. Searched for a quirk I could
latch on to, a ripple in the groove to tell me where to sing.
I was open to anything, waiting for ignition, combustion,
a melody, a direction, an approach, a random, lateral,
chance encounter, a blip, an anomaly,a mistake. Anything
I could learn from, listen to, follow, but there was nothing
except the sound of my voice ploughing way over the top of
the music, like back in the 80’s. It made me feel a long
way away from anyone. I know I can do this, but it didn’t
happen today or maybe it did. Either way, I tried, but no
song came out to play.


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