Tuesday 15th September



Head started hungover from a dose of that old school thinking.
Got myself caught up in looking back & forward, remanissing &
projecting. Ended up melocholly infected with fear. Couldn’t
shake it. Turned in, playing tech Boggle till I beat last night’s
score, then read about addiction ’till my eyes crossed.
Dreamed the same dream in stereo, first time I’ve ever done that.
Everything & everyone was the same in both dreams. Moving in sync,
locked together except for the content – suchi. Bloody sushi,
couldn’t get it off my mind, everything in the night was about food.
The dream to the right was full of Suchi, the dream to the left
had empty plates, nothing for sale, nothing to eat. It wore me out.
Woke up a lot & walked around, staggering up the hall like the
ship’s drunk. Considered lying in when the alarm went off, but got
bored & I’m not going back to duvet diving.
Something’s up with the throat, may have to call the camera man
to stick that thing up my nose again, check out what’s going on
under the bonnet. At the big studio today recording guitar
overdubs, door wide open, freezing cold. What happened to
summer then?


2 thoughts on “Tuesday 15th September

  1. Sometimes all our Sundays come back to haunt us. Open the toolbox root around for the right tool. It’s ok to remember where we’ve come from, accept but don’t dwell. One foot in front of the other, repeat. I hope tonights more peaceful for you.

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