Saturday 19th September



Gathered with the ‘like-minds’ last night in a badly lit room.
A disparate bunch, but all with that singular look in the eye.
I start to giggle, like a kid on a fairground ride, a day at the
sea-side, every toy shop open & free. I’m chuckling, fooling around,
shooting the breeze with a relaxed ease I’d forgotten. This is the
source of the soul food, the ‘3’, the long-life battery.
An orange KitKat & a mug of hot black in the company of people who
know how it feels. When the head’s cleared of noise, when nothing
has changed yet everything is different & the elephant got off
years ago I still need to come here to remember. Give back what was
freely given, the only way to keep it. Spilling out into the night,
people I’ve never met before shake my hand & wish me well.
Some geezer I always thought didn’t like me much hugs me…twice.
I’m grinning, we’re laughing, joking, enjoying the night, the cold,
the damp, aware of the approach of Autumn, living in the moment.
Cars light up & pull away, hands wave in windows as they pass.
We get into the car & laugh, some joke about nothing in particular,
at no one’s expense. Driving home between the fields, talking with
a renewed lightness & ease about anything, random stuff like
normal people.


6 thoughts on “Saturday 19th September

  1. Heart and Soul intact you make the journey back. I’ve found more love in these rooms than I have in my day to day life, unconditional and free. We give back what we were freely given, giving it away to keep it. The best thing I ever did for myself was walk through a set of doors, stumbled upon freedom. Now like you I let freedom ring.

  2. The hard working guy was alone, came from another city, he was very friendly and full of tattoos. Something most have been very important for him, I mean, not many middle class workers would pay 350 EUR for a concert ticket.
    We were talking about music and what it meant to us since we paid that much almost a year in advance. I told him I was not a rock music fan since I grow up with JMJ, Supermax and Pink Floyd that etched me as more as I played it on our red plastic mono player in our living room & I told him a story about my JM Jarre – Live In Your Living Room concert in Stockholm. Suddenly I understood he knew what I was talking about & the reason why he paid for a VIP Party ticket was clear to me in his glowing and almost wet eyes, although he never told his story for me.

    As for the U2 concert….it was indeed relaxed 🙂
    Bono was talking about some magician that is surprised by his own tricks that culminated in The Edge’s guitar in the Bullet The Blue Sky.
    Some new friends (new for me) came over today from New York with even more tickets so now even the lines ‘Give me one more chance and you’ll be satisfied’ in the Even Better Than The Real Thing makes sense.

    You have no idea how much I appreciate your work and music.

    • I love your post. 🙂 As I’ve grown up, I’m definitely realizing how MUSIC (and art) can be the basis of a genuine spiritual life, and for some people this is much more fulfilling than the religion that they may have been raised with. I’m seeing how bands can draw people together with spiritual bonds like the congregation of a church, and it’s really beautiful… like for some people, going to a concert and sharing a collective experience with the other fans can be as good or better than any church service could ever be for them. I’m so happy you had fun seeing U2–thanks for sharing. I really get, and share, your appreciation for Karl’s work and music. It’s so awesome!!

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