Monday 21st September



Switching hats like a plate spinner on a Sunday night
variety show. The rain comes & goes, the sun makes an
appearance then leaves, the washing goes out, then comes
back in. The one constant through all this is the Kettle.
Water & electricity, the building blocks of life.
Somewhere between recording guitars for UW, making marks
on cardboard & editing text found on the street I received
a copy of ‘Drawing Ambiguity’ containing the chapter I
contributed on working processes. It covers the whole range
of medium, word gathering, mark capturing & translations
into drawings, paintings & lyrics. It describes journey mapping
across cities, the sounds of architecture & the information
transmitted by buildings & the movement of people between them.
It’s the most in depth description of my working processes
to be published so far & includes photographs & drawings
to accompany the text. It conclude by laying out directions
for a series of new projects currently in process.
Now, get the kettle filled, I feel a hat coming on.


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