Tuesday 22nd September



Up before sunrise, reading, researching how to do the right thing.
Mailing, reaching out, connecting.
There’s a beautiful light sliding over the horizon, Blues, become
Purples, Reds become mustard Yellows. I lean out the window
trying to capture them, mail them to Los Angeles. Turns out the
phone isn’t camera enough to capture the magic of the moment,
though it fakes being my friend it can’t even record what a cheap
plastic film 35mm could back in the 90’s. Looks nice, but too fake
to do real life justice.


8 thoughts on “Tuesday 22nd September

  1. Nothing captures real except the brain. My girls dad under the knife tinight supposed to take 1hr 40mins. 5 hrs later still in theatre. It’s turning me outside in and inside out. He’s my closest friend on this planet. The panics rising still trying to send love and light, but I’m exhausted. Handing it over to my hp for a good outcome.

      • Best wishes from here as well. I light-heartedly think of the regulars here as “Karl’s Girls”…but you’re all lovely and the words and sentiments are so very, very true. Hope your loved one’s recovery is swift, and warm wishes to you.

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