Thursday 24th September



The farmer’s finished cutting dirty grooves. The plough put away
for another year. Hedgerows trimmed for Winter thrill my eyes,
woken by the heavy fall of rain outside. Getting used to the
dark-light, carrying something waterproof & light for afternoon
in the Emerald City. I’m not looking for the Wizard or a miracle,
just patience to stay the course, riding shotgun for the tribe as
it stumbles on the road to healing. Every day I get signs & gifts.
A robin on the gate post, a magpie dancing in the road,
a film maker arrived on a random mission builds a bridge across
a void of silence. In the shower this morning, the radio says,

“As you raise you head from your spotless pillow”

Another gift & received with gratitude.

Getting happy to The SoulJazz Orchestra’s ‘Resistance’


3 thoughts on “Thursday 24th September

  1. My radio told me to “drive like a demon from station to station”….:-D…it didn’t really but twas stuck in my head! 🙂

  2. Shared experience, strength & hope to our tribe. Recovering from a life less ordinary, we are the lucky ones that were washed up on the beach. Heart and soul given and received. It never ceases to amaze me the resillience of humankind. JFT

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