Friday 25th September



Met Tony Buck from the Necks on the streets of East London
last night, unmistakeable in his trademark leathers & spotted
shirt beneath a sky of exploding hair. The fire in his eyes
burned bright letting me know the groove is still alive.
We talked about the music of roads, of underscored journeys
& the song of bridges. We talked fast & deep then walked
through the night back to Liverpool street, where I boarded
a train home to Essex & he went back to the Barbican where
The Necks & Leo Abrahams are performing Brother Eno’s
‘Discrete Music’ on Saturday night. Next stop, Winter in Berlin.


3 thoughts on “Friday 25th September

  1. One man on a lonely platform…taken my daughters back to Canterbury and Uni life. Sitting in their garden listening to the builders sing Peter Andre songs. I can’t help but giggle. I sing back UW their response shouting lager, lager, lager. Bravo boys, bravo. Made my day.

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