Saturday 26th September



Walking night streets up in Leeds, where are all the people?
It’s Friday night, bars & restaurants, red ropes & security
in heavy weather warmers greet the boys in shirt sleeves &
weekend girls in open back dresses. We follow smells of curry
with hope until it runs out, then pick up another, but nothing.
It gets late, we grab a pizza from a place where they’re already
stacking tables, playing old school house to no one. A woman walks
a ferret on a leash up a side street as women tumble out of pubs
laughing at the sight & stealing pictures for their instagram


5 thoughts on “Saturday 26th September

  1. Experienced Leeds once back in the early 90s…Happy Mondays Elland Road..twistin ma melon maaaannnn….maddest trip ever from start to finish…made it out alive B-)

  2. Want a curry? Come to mine best curry in N London. I’m not bragging it’s what I’m told. Never been to Leeds but I know that the Uni used to put on great gigs.

  3. I’ve only been through Leeds once…took the train from Manchester to see guess-who for the first time, headlining V98. Stood at the rail next to a lovely woman with cool yet warm blue eyes, a little older than the rest of us, who quietly said, “I am really looking forward to this.” Wish I could say to her, seventeen years later, ma’am, I learned from you, something about gracefulness and how to welcome an overly-enthusiastic fellow music lover. I hope my manic bouncing wasn’t too intrusive at the time, but I am in her place now, surrounded by others whose youthful energy is always inspiring.

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