Sunday 27th September



Changing trains from Leeds to Essex, sustained on water, wraps &
chocolate & the souldfood of sunlit fields yet to feel the cut of
the plough. Train travel is time between time, to let the head
drift, look, listen, write, do nothing if the mood feels right,
it’s the gift of meditative space in an era of 24/7 headlong rush
into work-aholic addiction. The daily guilt-trip from unanswered
emails, unreturned calls & the torrent of things-to-do in order to
fit the fictitious requirements of an adult suckered in by the
demands of 21st century bullshit. What happened to staring out
the window? What happened to sitting quietly, listening, hearing,
letting the thoughts stop racing & find their own direction,
unfettered by the nonsense’s of this ludicrous culture we
allow to eat us alive, imprison us, suck the joy out of us.
When do we get let out to play, let out on parole for good
behaviour? I got sober to be happy.


8 thoughts on “Sunday 27th September

  1. Ugh…so true…no hard grind this week here…a week away from it to recharge and BE…in Perthshire…also known as The Heartland of Scotland….at the most beeeeeeoooooooteeeeefull time of the year to be there ! 🙂

  2. Start spreading…
    The news…
    The head deserves…
    Happy happy…
    Joy joy…
    Time out…
    From the 21st centuary…
    Great big steaming…
    Pile of Crap*

  3. I got clean to be free and hoped happiness would follow. Mostly it has been happy, but life on life’s terms throws the odd curve ball now and then. I guess the moral is if we were happy all the time then we would take it for granted. Enjoy the trains and the rides and the headspace it gives, perhaps even now and then just say not today but tomorrow, allow yourself this one little luxury and avoid a not so beautiful burnout. Chin up kidda your worst day in recovery is still better than your worst day in using.

  4. It can always be worse my friend. Keep in mind the great happiness you have brought to thousands of us fans. That’s priceless. When I look back at the stupidity I’ve allowed myself to experience due to a lack of self control and other substances I think about the friends I’ve disappointed and lost along the way and then I think about the friends, the family, the children I have now and push forward against the grain.

  5. Hi Karl,
    I want you to know how much I LOVE the song Juanita/Kiteless/To Dream of Love, and how much GREAT HAPPINESS it brings me. As ultradave says, it’s PRICELESS. There’s a thousand things I could tell you about the meaningful things I find in this song, and how it makes me feel. It’s even inspired a series of notebooks for mystical writings based off the concepts of Resonance & Contrast (and Polarity & Wholeness) which I would love to show to you someday. With all the things I could tell you about this song, it gives me something on an emotional level that I can’t even put into Words, and I bet there’s other people who feel the same way.
    Your Sun, My Sky
    Never Lost

    I think this is so hot, it’s almost like a fetish for me now. 🙂

    • Oh yeah, another thing I want to share with everyone is that I’m really enjoying how Beautiful & Intelligent Underworld fans are. I’ve seen other people comment on this too. This didn’t really stand out to me in the 90’s, but in the past decade it’s really caught my attention and making a huge impression on me, and at this point it’s really striking. And I love the “Magic” feeling that gets generated between us.

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