Monday 28th September



Went walking in the fields last night by the light of
Super-moon. This stupid phone that thinks it’s a camera
can’t see a Moon without turning it into a magical twinkling
cartoon thing, but you get the drift – it was bright (right?).
Planned to watch the eclipse & set an alarm but turned it off.
The body (as ever) had different plans & set it’s own alarm,
so I was up walking in the dark as our shadow crossed out
the Moon. I’m fried from the inside, but a body is an amazing
thing don’t you think? It can dance flat out at 1:00am
for 90 minutes straight when a head has nothing left to give.


7 thoughts on “Monday 28th September

  1. Kinda like the twinkle to be honest. It was super bright, my camera phone didn’t make my pic twinkle. Did the same with the alarm but did wake to see some of the eclipse, mad dash to the river to just sit and contemplate the hugeness and magic of the Universe in motion. Yes our bodies are a thing of wonder especially if you think how we’ve punished them.

  2. Our Moon was blood red like my eyes the last days. I missed it, forgot to set the alarm, had to sleep… you know.
    I had a piece of New York in my house for a week with U2 overdose. It was very intense but also too much fun to miss a single minute.
    I don´t use drugs (never did) so it takes pure energy, followed by that beautiful hangover that makes the spirit sensitive and vulnerable, available and open, constantly wet eyes. Sometimes I wish I was like Mandela, unable to cry.
    When I came home tonight I read about the John Peel Lecture with Brian Eno on BBC 6 Music & later I peeled up my post – the drawing ambiguity. I have just browsed through it. Looking forward to the weekend to listen, to read and most of all contemplate.

    ‘How was your day?’ 🙂

    • Hexagram 55/Line 1 from the IChing.

      Line 1 Meeting his equal and accepting his hospitality for ten days there is no error. Going forward earns respect.
      Those who represent the attributes of brilliance and movement are well matched. Even if they spend a complete cycle of time together, the total period of affluence the time is well spent. Nevertheless, accepting the hospitality of equals is only a temporary respite and very soon the time comes when it is essential to one’s intellectual well being to go forward again.
      Hexagram Fifty-Five/Line One: He meets his soulmate, and they couple ceaselessly for ten days. No mistake. This union will change worlds.
      Hexagram Fifty-Five/Line One Nine at the beginning (yang at bottom) means:
      When a man meets his destined ruler,
      They can be together ten days,
      And it is not a mistake.
      To bring about a time of abundance, a union of clarity with energetic movement is needed. Two individuals possessed of these two attributes are suited to each other, and even if they spend an entire cycle of time together during the period of abundance, it will not be too long, nor is it a mistake. Therefore one may go forth, in order to make one’s influence felt; it will meet with recognition. Going meets with recognition.
      The first line, yang, shows a powerful person meeting with a colleague. They regard each other as equals and applaud each others’ successes. It is auspicious to go forward.
      1.Clarity of mind seeing a clear goal is meeting energy in performance. Time spent in the meeting is not wasted. Now great things can be done.
      1. The first NINE, undivided, shows its subject meeting with his mate. Though they are both of the same character, there will be no error. Advance will call forth approval.
      Initial 9: Meeting the associated lords. For ten days, no fault. To proceed brings honor.
      Abundance is a question of following a guideline. It may start with an impulsive action, but after that it needs continuance. A great harvest needs hard and steady work, reliable cooperation and time. So if you find an ally, stick to him, work together. Do not change your course or enter new ventures, but go on the way you are going. Line 1. ‘Affined’ or: one’s equal lord, related, kindred, congenial, allied. ‘Ten days” was the usual period for a divination: for the coming ten-day week.

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