Wednesday 30th September



Last night we sat in the dark watching a film that made us laugh
so much it hurt. And every time we stopped just the sight of each
other’s face made us start again. By bed time we were knackered
from overdosing on laughter & about 10 ton lighter in the soul.
Darkness, stress, depression can’t survive around happiness &
run from the sound of laughter. It’s easy to forget when you think
there’s nothing to get ‘up’ about, but when the shit has really hit
the fan & the weight of the world has me face down, a chuckle at
the absurdity of buying into the bullshit again lights a fuse that
kickstarts a chain reaction. There’s a dose of laughter in the
back pocket this morning.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday 30th September

  1. Lovely diary entry Karl. Had some darkness hit me via a friend deep inside a relapse. Going to see him later and try and bring him back into the light, it’s days like these that I’m so grateful for being clean. I feel his pain so intensely, he’s a kindred spirit in much more than the obvious. I hope I can find his humour bone and tickle it a little, after all it’s the best medicine. Tuesday’s floating 😉

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