Saturday 3rd October



Picked the last plums from the tree outside the kitchen,
concealed & protected in a cocoon of Autumn leaves.
The walnut tree delivers an endless supply of nuts & this
years apple crop is the biggest for a long time. Rose hips explode
in oranges & red from hedgerows & every weekend we harvest bags
full of Blackberries. What kind of a Winter is coming?


4 thoughts on “Saturday 3rd October

  1. Heavy with berries, heavy winter to come. Mother nature’s way of looking after your friend the Robin and his feathered friends and the shy creatures of the lanes, fields and hedgerows. Can I come scrumping at yours? Make some crumble and some jam, sweet delights for a winter’s night.

  2. Where i live, a crappy summer(cold and wet) usually means a mild winter…ie the same cold temperature as the summer…and wet ,,,,so that is what i’m anticipating this year,plus the geese have not come as early as usual,only just appearing overhead…another sign of mild winter to come….although Autumn has been superb!!! We had hotter weather this week than any week in the summer and not a cloud in the sky 😉

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