Sunday 4th October



It was a Sunday, woke up at 4:00am with a head full of worry.
Went to sleep on a sofa & found silence. Woke in bright sunlight,
showered & did an hour on the book before driving between the
fields. Laughed. You said I looked happy, the hi-point of the
day was seeing you happy too. We drove until a marching band
pulled out in front of us, horns honking, drums in rhythm.
It took me back to when I was 10, marching with the Red Cross
behind the fire engine at the head of the carnival. Man, it was
so cool to be walking in the middle of the road.


4 thoughts on “Sunday 4th October

  1. You still walk the middle path. You woke as I went to sleep, a night spent putting a soul back together. Not one of us but still a soul in need, still we keep what we have by giving it to anyone in need. This is a new dimension to my recovery and maybe a new path for me. First I have to complete this harvard course on Astrobiology, another new path.

  2. When I was 10 and looked in the mirror I realised I was pretty much alone. Kind of a first feeling of awareness. It was fascinating and scary at the same time.
    Sometimes I like to listen to things like Anne-Sophie Mutter and Tedi Papavrami
    but among strings nothing feels better than guitars like the Mother Of A Dog and U2-Bullet The Blue Sky 🙂

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