Monday 5th October



Going to bed early. Drained, another day of emotional conflict.
When someone you have loved & protected all their life turns on
you, despises you for looking after them & keeping them safe
from all harm you have no choice but to keep on loving them.


8 thoughts on “Monday 5th October

  1. Wishing you a good rest and a better day tomorrow. Everything’s a process, isn’t it? – always a readjustment of boundaries, that push/pull of protection vs. independence. Funny how that word “process” keeps popping up. 🙂

    Working late, an old favorite by Electronic, “Second Nature,” just came up on Pandora. New Order meets Chic. I’m home.

  2. WOW…..speechless. Be strong……as i have to….every day (suffering from depression) and with the music of Underworld….i feel peace always…and happy!!!! You iz loved – K. Thank you x

  3. Underworlds music and the voice of Karl…..seriously the BEST medication for me! *daily*. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will always love you! x

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