Thursday 15th October



“Drawings of teeth”
which though it made no sense I chuckled.
“Drawings of teeth”
The word ‘teeth’ has cropped up in my prose for years & mostly
hasn’t found it’s place in our tracks. Which is down to
a difference of opinion & taste – the taste of teeth.
I get it, don’t get me wrong, I really do. Teeth isn’t everyone’s
idea of a song lyric, so I’m cool with it not appearing in our
recordings as often as it might. Songwriting differs from making
artworks in that artworks can explore the same idea again & again,
taking it on a journey, even seemingly repeating. With a song the
tendency is to want something different said with every one.
“You said that on the last one” or “You use that word a lot” are
things I often hear & this is largely down to my roots as an artist
being at the core of me as a lyricist – which really I’m not.
I collect stuff & words happen to be some of the ‘stuff’ I collect.
So I’m drawn back to certain things repeatedly. Not my fault,
it’s just the way I’m built. I believe lyrics could be more like
sculptures, objects collected to fill the draws of Fluxus boxes.
A tooth wrapped in tissue as a keepsake.


8 thoughts on “Thursday 15th October

  1. Something to get your teeth into 😉 There are recurring themes in your songs, but I like it so don’t stop. I’d like to see you fitting teeth into a song. Oral tombstones, giggles.

  2. I have an old drawing, a laughing mouth with pearls on a ribbon floating out of it.
    It’s a drawing from a time when I had to make at least one or two every day for some years, for some reason. It was like a drug. Years later I visited the Dali museum in Figueres and saw his version behind a glass. I must confess things like this were quite scary for many years, but slowly I have got used to it.
    Today, hundreds of magic later, I just keep asking the question ‘why’. Why did I had to experience it alone?

  3. Hmm, I like this idea. Variations on a theme not just visually or musically, but lyrically. If anyone asks, your explanation makes perfect sense.

    Always enjoyed Richard Butler’s repeated use of “stupid”…he did it with enough righteous venom that you’d cheer him on…tell it like it is, Richard! 🙂

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