Friday 16th October



Talking long into the night & early hours, the fall-out of
another heating one – shell-shocked. Good news feeds the soul,
get a little sprinkled on the day. The radio & papers obsess on
spreading bad news, prodding festering wounds to make sure there’s
enough hurt to go around. Things may not be the way I’d like,
people say & do stuff that makes me flinch. I’m no two fisted
geezer, it’s not black & white to me. Maybe I’m too soft,
too forgiving. I never was one for a punch up, developed 360 vision,
early warning systems, saw it coming & ready leave before it all
kicked off & dragged me in. If the radio & papers could get a hold
of what going on here they’d have plenty to infect the nation with,
but as I wake to greet a new dawn, watch the sky turn from bruised
to blue I’m moving on from yesterday & building on the good news.


3 thoughts on “Friday 16th October

  1. Oranges are not the only fruit. You’re a lover and not a fighter, no shame in that. If more people looked they too could see both sides of the coin, having empathy and compassion for our brothers and sisters is good. What the world needs now is love and plenty of it.

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