Saturday 19th December



4am, a constant four pattern groove. In truth, though he may think
he’s something, the guy has a crap sense of timing. Everything’s
just ever so slightly off & that’s what gets me, keeps me awake,
trying to pull every beat into place. I sit on the edge of the bed,
head in hands, pondering self-pity, noticing how quiet it is,
how good that feels. Living in the moment, not future or past,
the silence is sweet. A fleeting second of genius, put my pillow
up the other end of the bed – “ah – bliss!”.
Dreamed I made a wrong turn & stumbled into a private reception
for the Dali Lama. Felt like an impostor, then he looks over at me
& winks.


5 thoughts on “Saturday 19th December

  1. The Dalai Lama is just the best :-)…anyhoo—want to say Thankyou!!!!… for coming to Angus next June,Festival of House…couldn’t get closer to my homeland,just got our tickets and we will see you there..wellies at the ready!!!…ps,purdy picture 🙂

  2. Why would you feel out of place? The Dalai Lama has said the 12 step program is the best thing to happen to Western civilisation, can’t argue with that can you? Living in the moment, meditation and spiritual awakening, no you wouldn’t be out of place.

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