Saturday 9th April


MR 1985:

A fast Rose tattooed on the back of his hand turns to camera
& smiles. A notorious life for money. Slim fit, new hair
held up to the light. The thrill, the face, the t-shirt.


3 thoughts on “Saturday 9th April

  1. Mr. Hyde — long-time fan here, first-time commenter. A few days back, you name-dropped a highly influential figure in your life who apparently recently passed, but it’s someone with whom I’m totally unfamiliar: Tony Trains. I can’t even find anything about him online. And since I’m a great admirer of yours (and Rick’s) taste in music, as well as the music you make yourselves, I was wondering if you might be so kind as to illuminate my inquiring mind. (I’ve no doubt others are curious, as well.)

    As far as other things go, I hope the preparations to make the trip Stateside are going well and that all 3 of you are staying healthy. Looking forward very much to the Pomona gig, and as you know, beware of those dust storms that can get kicked around at Coachella. (They can be awful if you’ve any allergies.)

    One last thing: you mentioned your daughter Tyler’s music in a recent Dutch interview and I wonder if her band might have any of their stuff online. (Well done also in helping her stay one step ahead of the dehumanizing and objectifying nature of the “music industry”. You sound like a good dad.)

    Oh, and your collaborations with Eno — “High Life” & “Someday World” — were fantastic! Any chance you, Rick, and Darren might be bringing any of that material to the stage as UW? Are there any other Eno records destined for future release? Have you been working with anyone else?

    (Sorry for all the questions. Obviously, I’m not reasonably expecting any in-depth answers considering how busy you must be.)

    — Atys

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