Sunday 10th April



Trapping sunlit song, distant wheels hiss. Roads between fields.
Sunday scramblers, two-stroke, fresh cut grass, dirt, dust.
Bees stitch territorial birdsong as the wild herd lays down
in ploughed fields.
Mom’s in the loft, cataloguing history. A phone-call remembered.
Childhood on a map, streets cleared for progress. Photographs.


7 thoughts on “Sunday 10th April

  1. Hi Karl,

    Thanks for the mention on 31st March, sorry that’s it’s taken so long to reply to the entry, my reply wouldn’t post until now (just created a WordPress account). I really enjoyed your gig on 25th March and would definitely do it all again the next time you play the Roundhouse, what a great gig it was.

    Best wishes,

    Tom from Cambridgeshire

    • I think I might have come across that comment as well (I think I might have sent them a rather angry reply telling them how wrong they were because they’re not a boyband it’s like calling One Direction a death metal band haha, if it is who I’m thinking of I got annoyed because I think they were saying horrible things as well as that, how ignorant some people are eh?

      Anyway, are you the same Carli Stellhorn that me and the other person (I can’t remember her name now) were talking to on Facebook a while back about seeing UW live? If so have you seen them this year yet?

      It’s Tom Bennett by the way, had to change my username to tom204597 because my name was already taken! haha πŸ™‚

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