Thursday 14th April



A conference of breakfast suits, the hot, the bitter, the juicy.
Line of two-piece hunts potato. Bird Woman builds fruit mountain,
wrapped in chalk & silence. Bottle blonde, the stick.
Awake! Invigorate! Voices from the far side. Emotion, managed
in messages. Feel the pain transmitted. The antidote is love.


11 thoughts on “Thursday 14th April

  1. You were brilliant in Pomona. Thank you for your vibe, your dance, your smile, your radiant energy filling the room. You are a blessing and an inspiration. Until next time… Love

  2. Karl & Rick & Team…11/10 concert at Ponoma. Traveled from Chicago to see you once again:) Thank you for 20+ years of beautiful artistry.

  3. Fox show was off the rails! The best I’ve ever experienced and I’ve been to a lot of UW shows, on 3 continents. Massive, brilliant, shining and glorious. THANK YOU FOREVER.

  4. Apologies for posting about thank you posts about March 31st and the gig so many times (at the time I couldn’t see any of the replies after posting so I just assumed they hadn’t posted properly and just typed new ones). :-S

  5. not sure if my posts went through. I just wanted to say that the Fox show was the best (mamgu) ever!! I’ve experienced UW shows over 18 years and 3 continents and this was absolutely the finest. Energy, music, crowd, venue, sound, it all came together.
    Super super super. Thank you all!

  6. You were brilliant in Pomona. Thank you for your vibe, swagger, intensity, dancing, smiles, uplifted hands, positive electric energy! You are a blessing and an inspiration. Amazing. With much love until next time!

  7. I have to agree. Pomona was a fantastic show. Been seeing every LA/SF show I can since 1996 Organic. That show had some of the best energy thanks in part to a very rare, energetic, LA crowd. Thank you so much for keeping 8 Ball in the set. Such an amazing track. Never in a million years did I ever hope to hear it live. If that’s possible perhaps there is hope for a complete Cups. Second week of Coachella would give you time to practice. Much Love.

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