Friday 15th April



Here come the white vans, numbered. Tinted glass, air-con, shades
& beards. Sleepless drivers, return rentals dressed in washed-out
black. Face pressed up against cool stone for kick-start, sheltering
from a cruel sun. A Lycra woman moving weird & fast. Growling
flat-bed pulls away. A familiar face, a London accent, chance
encounters at random hotels. Lives in bags on wheels, triple ‘A’.
Fully blacked-out ground transporters pull away slow, snakes
concealing messengers tossing coins into ornamental pools.

Took in a brilliant show at Frank’s Place last night. Dinner &
‘A class’ entertainment. He never dropped a beat nor fluffed a note.
Kept the whole show rolling alone for hours & knew exactly what his
audience wanted. Thanks for inspiration Frank. You have no idea
how much you lifted us last night.

Tonight I dedicate the show to Big Terry who passed away in the
early hours of this morning. He was my dear friend & guide, a man
of very little material wealth yet the richest man I have ever met.
Terry never let me feel alone no matter how far from home I was,
he would call to check I was ok & make sure I was getting connected
to the light.


5 thoughts on “Friday 15th April

  1. Once again, I’m seconding Karen. Beautiful words in honor of your friend, and I’d like to think the connection’s still there in some way. Godspeed.

    • Thank you for all the kind comments, Terry was my Grandad bless his soul, he was a true gentleman and just wonderful x

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