Thursday 5th May



Better now than never, delivering the news, the black & white
real fruit morning. The click of sharp heels, fast curves
burst in, hot stuff hits the spot as the post arrives.
Do you open it?

Turn your thinking off, the words you can’t control. Tooth missing
at the front, still smiling. Stern face at the wheel of something
expensive, reliable, grey & clean. Can you afford it?

Big Dog, big chain, takes an old t-shirted belly for a walk
in the morning sun. Are you up for it?


3 thoughts on “Thursday 5th May

  1. The morning Sun warm and sweet on the skin, ah the joy. I was watching some old UFO last night, I did chuckle you have a touch of Straker about you. Loved The Savages last night, the singer reminds me of Siouxsie Soux.

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