Friday 17th June



She greets me at the gates of Paradise. First into the morning
cubicle, I’m lavished with fresh black towels for a passion killer.
Undressed & exposed as the waters freeze. The sacred hook, rides
shotgun raises all my earthly possessions skywards & dry. When
everything else I need is provided, accompanied so unexpected by
such a smile, showering in cold water’s nothing.
The Angel Joyce ascends into heaven as I emerge, newborn & sweet
between the trees that set the scene for this weeks festivities.
A lake, whose sandy beaches arrived by lorry. Lorry trailers
parked in rows concealed, breathing diesel breath & rubber.
Smiling, happy knackered faces pause to shake my hand, dressed in
black & branded. Hands roughed hauling heavy metals, eternally
unseen, behind the scenes, un-named, unknown, without whom no party
happens tonight nor any other. Gratitude & dust for breakfast.

Listening to: Klaus Gesing // Björn Meyer // Samuel Rohre – ‘Amira


5 thoughts on “Friday 17th June

  1. Last night i have had my first flight,i remember it exactly,i was an 6 years old baby and my name was julian assange…
    Auch wenn es heut zu tage massenweise 2.klassige filme zu diesem thema gibt-wenn ich meine eigene geschichte hätte schreiben dürfen,wäre ich auf dem teppich geflogen,mit meinen beiden lieblings käfern und ich weis,
    das wäre auch in echt mehr joy und die schönere geschichte gewesen,
    als der trip last night.
    Wer das anders empfindet muß irgendwie verbiestert sein.

  2. …and God heard my prayer.

    Listening to Dead and Company:
    John Mayers jazz-like solos are the highs of the whole concert, besides some amazing lyrics, but one of the best part starts at 44:30 in the second part.
    Love Love LOVE those experimental drum and elecronic sounds as they transform to something that reminds me of parts of the Pure Scenius.
    Pity that John did not play a little bit longer before they turn into the next song. But the solos that follow compensate it. 🙂

    • When you lose 50 kilos more,you will be THE dead company,cherrie.
      We lover’s love the love between 6 and 9 horizontal vertikal digital anal og
      -und in 3d

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