Monday 22nd August



The white, the glass, the waiting search, waking from a bad dream
& the one next door. The same piano playing random melodies, half
remembered, almost familiar, leaving through a door at the back of
the room. Shadow light legs & thrills, thinking about a train &
the next place. Bullet & the Mountain sky, head in the clouds.

“Did you see it this time?”
“Naa, it was chuckin’ it”

5 thoughts on “Monday 22nd August

  1. Liquid Twister dampens viewpoint
    Cold death steel hides in mist
    Shy, sleekit tube – we forget
    Polychromatic bender offers solace
    Reminds us there would be no life
    Without the sky mirrors reflecting our mistakes

  2. Thank you for the great show in osaka,you were beautiful. Now i’m happy to see you at home again. Didn’t we have had the same flight back?Cause i couldn’t found you above the cloud’s.

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