Monday 5th December



Black pointy leather toe bliss,
Soft slip-on bliss,
Day-glow green lace bliss,
Brown beaten bliss,
Immaculate White bliss,
Little Pink bliss,
Black patent toe bliss,
Little Black bow bliss,
Suede bliss up to the knee,
Doctor bliss with easy rider sole,
Biscuit slip-on bliss,
Wild Yellow micro-mesh bliss from the future,
Blue lace bliss,
Shabby Blue bliss scuffed to bits,
Pointy lived-in Black leather bliss,
Patent Black Ugg bliss,
Ragged Black bliss,
Immaculate Red lace bliss,
Shiny Black boredom bliss,
Doctor bliss with the easy rider sole,
White tennis bliss,
Stack-heeled banged-up bliss,
Sequinned Black Ugg bliss,
Black leather buckle-strap bliss,
Brogue bliss,
Cartoon gingham bliss,
Basic Ugg bliss,
Miniature pirate bliss,
Beat-up working bliss,
Boring Black bliss,
Oily neither leather nor suede bliss in Brown,
Dirty pointy broguish bliss,
Square-tipped bliss,
Stylish skinny Brown lace bliss,
Dirty science fiction bliss from the future.


5 thoughts on “Monday 5th December

  1. Hi :-S

    Entschuldige… ALLES…. Auch den Weihnachtsmann von heute morgen. Hatte echt nichts mit dir zu tun. Eigentlich hatte es mit niemanden etwas zu tun… Aber wem will ich das erzählen ?

    Hab einen ruhigen Tag!

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