Tuesday 6th December



A woman dressed as an Elf wanders alone through underground tunnels,
emanating violent transmissions from a walkie talkie strapped to her
belt. A crowd walks with her, neither acknowledging her trail of
noise nor the fact she’s dressed as an Elf. They walk in silence,
somnambulists, staring into futures, smelling of perfumed dust.
Then, this girl appears with bells on, a drifter, hands clasped
in wonder, never looking down, no one sees or hears her but me.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday 6th December

  1. Congratulations to you and Rick on the Grammy nod. Winning awards may be a world apart from winning hearts but how fantastic to have done both. Well done, gentlemen!

  2. Forgot to add “and now you get to have fun subverting everyone’s expectations of what ‘Grammy-nominated Underworld’ should be,” but you knew that already. 🙂

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