Saturday 25th March


Midnight bikinis,
Motorcades of slow chrome,
Body shop perfect,
Engines purring,
Cruising canyons of white facades,
Architecture with it’s eyebrows plucked,
Pale pastel illuminations,
Muscle stripped to the waste,
It’s cap on backwards,
A girl on each arm,
Everybody going somewhere kickdrum,
Faces caught in the light of curb-side menus,
Skin bronzed in the glow of Red tail cruisers,
Rope lights,
Gull-wing Hummers,
Stretched Black,
Engorged on shrieks,
On squeals,
On gasps,
Of girls in satin slips,
Wrists ringed in silver,
Delicate chains,
Last names,
Room numbers,

For messages press here,

Hey Mom,
This is me,
Don’t worry


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