Sunday 26th March


The woman in the elevator has only one wing,
Staggers down the corridor,
Exaggerated slink,
In a little Black thing & heels,
Up all night,
Hair’s a mess,
“Hey!” she says,
“What’s going on?!”,
Catching our reflections in a mirror,

What’s become of her?
I look away,
Put distance between us,
Does she make it?

The waiter is in the wrong place,
Wrong time,
“Nothing” he says with practised disdain,
Crossing to the check-in,
To check out a guest,
Who tipped him at breakfast,

The waiter wont believe I can pay the bill,
For a $17 bowl of oatmeal,
He looks at me like I’m a criminal,
As the car crash woman dances out the door,
To the music of tyres & car horns,
Good game,
Keep walking


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