Friday 23rd March


That’s a dog,
That’s a greeting,
That’s fearless in the face of everything,
That’s a sock-less,
Snake skin,
A Marvel comic world,
About as far as you could get from the Horsefair,
In the 1960’s

Tea & toast from a greasy spoon,
A juke box,
Biker jackets,
Steamed up windows,
Cars parked round the back on rubble,
Where the wash houses of old tenements used to stand,
Escaping through American comic books,
Vintage 60’s,
Mint condition,

Mom gave them all to the kids next door,
When I was away at college,
Practising my Black-outs,
Gave away anything of any monetary value I’d,
Everything collectable,
It was in the mentality,
In the genes,

People didn’t think like me where I came from,
Back then,
If they did,
They didn’t stick around for long,
In the 1960’s,
About as far as you could get from a Marvel comic book world,
Made me,
Built me,
Drew me,
Programmed me,
Coloured me in,
I ran away,
Now I’m in love


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