Sunday 25th March


Last night I got a message,
From the balcony of groove,
Above a beach,
Where two men build walls of rocks from the sea,
They dance to the groove as they work,
Waving to the drummer,
Who beats a wooden box,
Nodding back,
Transmitting messages of hands across oceans,

At that precise place,
And that precise time,
The three of them have everything,
Balance & harmony,
Hands & feet,
The surf,
The sand,
The balcony,
The sea,
The sky,
And the earth rotating underneath them,

At that precise time,
I walk into an empty house,
From meditating at the wheel,
Driving a head silent,
At 2:00am,
Like the kitchen,
The dishes,
The curry cleared away,
A space prepared for something good to happen


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