Thursday 17th September



Happy to report the holiday I took today. Time back in the
studio with Rick is time out for me. Writing & recording,
throwing it around together. A late start after driving the
length of the county, collecting stuff for the tribe. I felt
like a deserter, guilty to be happy. It’s been a long time
since I could take a break from the worry that’s been eating
me for months. The concern over the health of people I love
wears me down. Most evenings I feel melancholy & alone, it’s
been a long time since I’ve said that. Nights are filled with
exhausting dreams that I jerk awake out of to be haunted by
future fears. But today, the sun shone on Essex. I made music
with my mate & remembered who I was.


6 thoughts on “Thursday 17th September

  1. It’s horrible when our loved ones are sick. The helpless and feeling of powerlessness more than anyone can endure. Just staying positive is exhausting but what else can we do? The pain transfers to our dreams giving us no respite. Sit and ride the wave is all we can do. Grab the moments of joy as and when we can.

  2. Hello again.Most evenings i feel like you.But in the moment i enjoy to read a few of your diary’s after a little time of abstinence.I’ve missed that,sonst seh und höre ich ja nichts von dir.
    Keine neuigkeiten die du nicht schon kennen würdest aber weist du auch das es jetzt auch vom mercedes stern einen transformer gibt?-)
    Grusse auch an mr smith.
    Light and love.s.

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